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Ashley M.

Years of experience: 6
Position: Office Administrator

As The RV Roof Man grew so did the need for help in the office. Ashley has been around since the beginning of The RV Roof Man and knows the buisness well. She's been an excellent addition to our team.

Evan A.

Years of experience:8
Position: Lead Technician

Evan started with The RV Roof Man with no knowledge of an RV, but was very determined to learn. Soon Evan was moving up the RV Roof Man Ladder.Evan is now lead Tech and Ron's right hand man.

We Strive To Help RV Owners Save Their RV'S.

Quality RV Roof Care You Can Trust
We are the original mobile RV ROOF ​ maintenance and repair Company. Our team provide RV owners high-quality collision roof repair, dry rot roof repair or any thing having to do with an RV roof . If the roof of your RV has suffered any type of damage, or you are looking to enhance the appearance of your RV roof, you'll find everything you need right here. Your RV is a major investment, which is why everyone at The Rv Roof Man is determined to do their best to make sure that when you come to us for service, you and your RV are in excellent hands. In order to deliver our promise of superior service, we make certain that you and your RV always receive the very best care. Each of our RV roof technicians is fully trained and our experience and expertise is guaranteed.

The Rv Roof Man At Your Service
For years, The RV Roof Man has been providing the USA with honest and professional RV roof repair and maintenance services. Using today's latest repair technology, our RV roof technicians are prepared to handle all major and minor repairs on your RV roof.
At The RV Roof Man, we put you first. That's because we understand that your Rv is a major investment. It's why we strive to provide you with the best service available. You can trust we will return your RV to you looking like a RV roof should.
For more information, contact us at 916-284-7067 today!

Ron C.

Years of experience: 18
Position: President & CEO

Ron established The RV Roof Man to provide honest, reliable, affordable services to the United States .

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Quality Rv Roof Care You Can Trust.we understand that your Rv is a major investment.

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“I have used this business to get my RV'S roof repaired and resealed after being told by other shops that I needed to have my whole roof replaced at a cost of $6500.00.  3 years plus since he resealed the entire roof at less than a quarter  of the cost to replace it. The  roof had no leaks until I carelessly damaged lt driving too close to a sharp object. Repaired for a low price.  Thanks!”

Tracy H.​

Antelope, CA