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Are you tired of getting up and down the ladder and having to treat or coat that roof every couple months . Well its time to STOP. 
 . We have made this a customer friendly product,easy install,easy prep ,fast set time and most important no more maintenance . Set back and enjoy your RV STOP worrying is it almost that time again. Spend more time enjoying your Rv less time fixing it

Forever Rv coat creates a shield of

protection over your RV roof with  cutting edge? Technology and performance. Engineered with "Green" solvent-free polymers, Forever Rv coat outperforms traditional solvent and solvent-free products .urethane, thermoplastic acrylic, elastomeric, and other protective coating products. Additionally Forever Rv coat

  has minimal impact on the applicator and  the environment.
Forever Rv coat  creates a tough, flexible and resilient barrier that helps

prevent damage from severe weather.  Forever Rv coat will greatly extend the life of your roof!

#1:  start by cleaning the roof. Do not use any type of bleach or chemicals aim for just pure water. Wait for roof to dry before applying any product.
#2 : patch holes with Rv Roof Man fabric tape or rv fab, small holes can be repaired with silicon. Just put on hole and spread out so it is completely covered and attached to existing rubber around the hole. (Note: if there are large holes on the side where roof meets side molding / where roof rolls over edge .it is highly recommended to remove side molding and Patch with rv roof man fabric tape to guarantee a good seal ).
#3: time to mix use a large paint mixer to mix product for 1 to 2 minutes or until you have a good  creamy consistency. Product can be applied immediately . Do not ingest.
#4 : tape off unit, around Vents, front cap ,back cap ,side moldings ,ect .
#5 : Make sure after applying product to not leave tape on too long wait for product to tak up a little bit then pull the tape.
#6 you can always watch our instructional video on how to apply.  and go to video gallery.