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When Ron started the rv roof man in 2009, He had already been doing rv roofs for years. He started in industry when i was only 17 and from there he learned all about the inns and outs of rv's. After just a short time of working in the industry,  He learned that people were being ripped off by most of the dealerships out there. Ron also found that there was a very large need for Rv roof repair. Also there was no one that would come to you and replace a roof at that time. There also was a big deal with consumers being told they had  no options but replacement of there roofs. So what Ron did is he went out looking for new ways that could save the consumers money and still have the confidence that there rv roof would not be an issue . Here at The Rv Roof Man we are always looking for new ways to save the consumer money and provide an outstanding service.We do our own research and development. We started the company in Sacramento but very fast expanded our business to the hole United States.. What makes us different is that we will drive from Sacramento to anywhere.Not only that but we stand behind our work .Come see why thousands of people have picked the rv roof man for there rv roofing needs.